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Holding Hands With You

We are a group of entrepreneurs aimed at making your career decisions easy and informed. We are committed to making your journey of figuring out your education and career an experience full of fun.

About Us

The idea behind Elucidation Today stemmed from the personal experiences of those who did not know which stream to pursue, degree to opt, college to choose and skill to learn. The world has ever increasing career options and just earning a degree is not enough to be successful. In the absence of proper guidance (or ill-informed guidance from peers/relatives/the internet), many dreamers are unable to utilize their fullest potential.

We are an affordable and equitable platform to upskill you and raise awareness regarding innumerable career options available.

What do we do?

With millions of career options and online courses available, making the right career decision has become stressful.

We solve it in two ways for you:

Provide you career guidance through our ever-increasing list of renowned experts
Help you develop the skills that will lead you to your goal
What can we help you with?

The process of researching various fields, becoming aware of your interests, shortlisting options and arriving at a solution can be quite tedious.

We help you at each step of the way.

Career Guidance
Resume Building
Financial Literacy
Content Writing
Digital Marketing
We have a diverse team
Meet our mentors
Would you like to mentor students?
If you believe that you have the knowledge to share and the passion to inspire, join us as a mentor.

Elucidation Today is more than just the name of a venture. It is a representation of countless people who dare to dream, who seek a bright future.

Feel free to reach out to us.